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Public Administration by Shrut Kirti Somavanshi

I am Shrut Kirti Somavanshi. I have secured 157 rank in CSE 2017 with Public Administration optional.
I had Public Administration as my optional in all my attempts but that doesn’t mean I love this subject. It is more of a love-hate relationship.
I’ve given 3 Mains with Public Administration and my score has always increased. My scores are-
1. CSE 2014 – 161 (63+98)
2. CSE 2016 – 293 (139+154)
3. CSE 2017 – 296 (150+146)
Here I am giving my detailed strategy, booklist, test series which I followed and how I changed my approach towards the subject.

Paper 1
• Mohanty Sir class notes
• Crack IAS Material ( Very good and crisp material, I loved it )
• Administrative Thinkers by Prasad and Prasad
• Comparative Public Administration by Ramesh K Arora ( Must read )
• New Horizons by Mohit Bhattacharya
• M Puri Sir’s notes/test papers
• Public Administration: New Issues and Perspectives by Mohit Bhattacharya
• All Second ARC Reports
• Public Administration Dictionary by Vikram Singh

Paper 2
• Crack IAS material
• Indian Administration by Ramesh K Arora
• Current Affairs articles relevant to PubAd
• Government Website
• M Puri Sir’s notes/test papers
• All Second ARC reports
• Punchhi Commission report

The strategy revolves around 3 things, Notes making, Answer Writing, Revision. Let’s discuss the first one, Notes Making:
It’ll be easy to understand complex topics and revise them if you have your own handwritten/ digital notes. So if you are joining any coaching classes, do make your notes.

Answer Writing is the most important thing to ensure good score in Mains. In the exam, your copy is your representative, not you. So, as marksmen practice day and night before every event, do your answer writing practice, day and night. You can do practice it at home when you are not giving Mains. It’s great if you can find someone to check it, but if you don’t, no need to worry. Check your answers on your own, think what can be added to answer, do a little research on the net, use toppers’ copies, refer test solution. Come up with your own DETAILED PLAN TO ANSWER A QUESTION. I find aspirants giving excuses that they are not able to find someone to check their copies. Let me tell you something. Make your own strategy, do it your own way. UPSC loves originality.

If you are giving Mains, join a test series. It will help you in regularly writing tests and enforces you to revise your notes also. (Baap ka, Dada ka, Bhai ka, sabka badla lena hota hai Mains mein, not necessarily in that order). 


I will write an insightful article on answer writing.

And now, third part i.e. Revision. In my first Mains, I was not prepared well and couldn’t revise my notes. This turned out to be disastrous. The most important thing before Mains is REVISION. Do not buy new books, new material or any topper’s notes. Revise whatever you have read before. Just REVISE and REVISE. Your syllabus should be well prepared and completed before Mains. Before Mains, you should just revise and practice answer writing. Completing syllabus just before Mains can prove Himalayan Blunder.

I will write more articles on different aspects of preparation of Public Administration.


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