Hello, Aspartans (aspirants + Spartans),

LuckyKabooter here. UPSC has issued the notification for 2018 attempt. Prelims i.e. #CivilWar is on 3rd of June. But the issue which is perplexing is the number of vacancies, only 782.  So what to expect from this move? Let’s analyze.

1. It will increase the cut off by at least 10 marks. I am expecting it to be around 118 if the paper quality was similar to 2017 prelims.

2. Aspirants need to attempt more and more questions. I would suggest going beyond 90 questions.  But leave the questions you can’t even guess about. I attempted around 94 questions and expecting 135+ marks.

3. Do not over emphasized on Current Affairs. You need to distribute your time among all subjects accordingly. See this-


Subject Time
Current Affairs 40%
Environment & Ecology 15%
Polity 10%
Economics 10%
History 8%
Geography 7%
Misc (S&T, Agriculture, Biology etc) 10% (4+3+3)


4. You can not afford to lose marks in fundamentals of Polity, Geography, and Economics. Revise these subjects as early as possible. We need at least 3 revisions.

5. Attempt mocks of at least 2 test series to bring variety in questions and sources.

This analysis is based on my experiences in last 5 attempts. But I believe my analysis is going to be quite right as I increased my score from 66 to 135+ through my attempts.
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The writer: 5 attempts, 3 Prelims, 3 Mains, 2 Interviews.