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Q. What is the use of coaching?

A. Guidance is the sole purpose with which coaching should be approached. Don’t depend on it for knowledge. Just understand that you have to study everything on your own and whatever you learn from coaching is a bonus.

Q. Should I join coaching for UPSC Prelims.

A. If you’re a sincere students, that means one who can study on his/her own and only need guidance and believes he/she can do it on their own, don’t join coaching. Instead join UPSCALE IAS Pinnacle program for foundation test series where you will provided complete guidance for that session of your preparation. If you think you don’t need any guidance or anything and you’re well aware about the preparation, don’t join anything, make your own plan and follow it.

Q. Should I join coaching for UPSC CSE mains (GS)?

A. Why you may join it: If you can afford it, if you’re a newbie, if you don’t mind going to class or attending lecture online from home, if you don’t have any guidance, if you can’t consolidate the subject, if you can’t make a plan and can’t figure out what to do from where, if you want to simplify the process.
Why you may not join: if you’re financially struggling, if you’re a newbie, if you know what to study from where, if you’re a veteran who only needs slight improvements etc.

Q. Should I join coaching for Optional?

A. If you don’t have a background of that optional, if finance is not a issue, if you aren’t able to write and check answers on your own, if you just can’t read it on your own and want to make preparation easy, join coaching.
If money is an issue, if you only need incremental changes in preparation, if you have a background and think you can do it on your own etc. then don’t join coaching.

Q. What should be the Approach if Coaching is not helping ?

A. Skip the class. If you think you can do better on your own, study on your own. No need to go to class just for the sake of going and you’ve given money for it. Remember, time is more important than money. Make your own path.

Q. Give me final verdict, should I join coaching or not?

A. For sincere guys, Join test series for GS Prelims which will guide you through preparation. GS mains can also be done by self as lot of free material and other material, topic-wise, is available, both online and offline. Join test series for mains and do coaching for optional.

For non-sincere ones, (you know yourself), join coaching.

Q. When to join coaching for mains?

A. It would be better if you join coaching for mains when you’re constantly studying for few months. Joining coaching on 1st day of preparation might not help some aspirants. This is more likely to be a problem for optional coaching when you have no idea about it and you’re studying it. First few days will be very tough for many. This is for majority of students.
Then there are few people who make the most out of their studies through classes. They know it. They should join as and when they want to.

Q. Do I need to come to Delhi for coaching?

A. Absolutely not. Visit online platforms for every course and optional that you need and you’ll have coaching streaming to your home. This doesn’t apply to people who need to get out of their homes and live in Delhi for the environment and motivation.

Q. My city also has a coaching centre but it is not very famous or not the best. What should I do? I want to do coaching.

A. Join if they offer demo classes or ask for them. If satisfied, then you may join. Ultimately, it is you who has study everything on your own. If you have no other choice, join it. It will help you manage your studies better.


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    Sir I have enrolled for UPPCS mock test series and the date of the test was 26 at 4 pm but time was postponed to 8 pm after that the date and time of mock test was postponed again. Sir I am feeling inconvenient. Please provide appropriate time and date final.

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