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Q. Tell me basics about this exam. What is it, eligibility, optional etc. everything. I am a beginner.

A. Read the official document of the exam available on the website and/or also available on other websites. Google. Just write “Upsc civil services exam basics” etc. etc… You will find a list of websites with the solution and YouTube videos also. Do it on your own. If you can Facebook and whatsapp, you can google also!

Q. I just cleared 12th. How should I prepare?

A. Start by reading NCERTs, the basic ones, of History, geography, polity, economics, etc. Get into a habit of reading newspaper. For details, refer FAQ, already answered about basics of how to start preparation.

Q. I am in graduation. How do I start my preparation?

A. Same as above.

Q. I am in job. How to start my preparation?

A. You will have to make time after or during your job. Try to make at least 3 hrs of sincere studying on a full working day. You’ll have to finish the newspaper during the working time. Manage it. It can be done, just make a habit of it. Weekends have to be utilised to the fullest. That means this group of aspirants will have to sacrifice most of their social life like skipping office parties, meeting friends, taking vacation with family, etc. And be prepared to dedicate 2 yrs at least for the preparation because you have less time per day. Booklist and other details about the preparation is already posted.

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