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Frequently Asked Questions for UPSC Prep

Hello, fellow Aspartans. Due to the huge influx of your questions in our messages section, we have decided to make an FAQ section on our website, where we will post answers to most basic problems and questions of every UPSC aspirant. So, it is a humble request that you first go through this section and try to find a solution to your problem and only then message us, as it has become impossible to guide each and every one of you, separately. (UPSC aspirants rising every day!) Keep checking this section as it will be very comprehensive, to the point, and effective to the best of our knowledge and intent. Here goes the first post:

Q. How to Start Preparation for Civil Services Exam?

A. 1. Get the books required to prepare. Read syllabus And other details first from notification. For both Pre and Mains.
2. Then search for the books…we have given the list on
3. If you don’t get the list. Ask in UPSC MEME Messages.
4. Search for last years Question Papers on for both Pre and Mains
5. Start reading said NCERTs in the booklist
6. Start preparing
7. Now decide Optional.
Read NCERTs available for few optional like Political Science, Society (Sociology), Geography. Find the subject of your interest.
To choose optional, you have to judge subjects on 2 parameters-

A) The subject which you like studying and can study for years without getting bored (60% )
B) Scorability of that subject (40%)
( Find out from the mark sheets of selected candidates on )

Now make a list of subjects you can study. Understand the core of those subjects. Finalise the list with max 3 optionals.
Now judge these 3 subjects on the aforementioned two parameters.

Finalise the subject then.

8. Decide on which coaching to join.

9. You can do Online coaching for various subjects in Optional as well as GS Pre Cum Mains through a various online platforms, like Neostencil, Flávido, and another coaching etc. They have good teachers who take Individual coachings in Delhi. Live classes are available.

10. Most important for those who want to avoid coaching for GS Prelims and want guidance for the exam, they should Join The Pinnacle Program at for whole year guidance if you need a personal mentor.
For joining a coaching you don’t have to be in Dilemma, you will have to eventually join if you feel that you are missing something if you don’t join any coaching.

11. If you don’t want to join coaching and are strong willed to do it on your own, then just be regular in reading current issues from The Hindu and practising online question and answer on various websites.

12. Most importantly, always make short notes of whatever you read and revise one or two days every week whatever you read in a whole week.


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