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Q. How to make notes of newspaper?

A. Already answered in the ‘Newspaper‘ FAQs.

Q. How to make notes of NCERTs?

A. Never make notes of a book when you’re reading it for the first time. You will find so many irrelevant things as important and add unnecessary stuff to your notes which’ll hamper the quality of your notes. Read NCETRs, understand them, skip the notes-making in the starting. At most, highlight. Some NCERTs are std. for books for that subject or portion, like 11th and 12th NCERT of Geography, Medieval and Ancient India History NCERTS. These have to dealt differently which’ll we’ll discuss separately.

Q. How to make notes of std. books like Laxmikant etc..?

A. NEVER MAKE NOTES OF A BOOK WHEN READING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. Why? Same reason. You will find irrelevant things as important. Whatever new you’re reading will look important to you. Remember, notes have to be and should be made according to the exam, not what you THINK is a good info. and you should know about it.
First time reading should be quick. Second reading should be accompanied by highlighting. Only in the third reading, make notes.

Q. How to make notes of The Hindu?

A. Answered in Newspaper FAQs


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