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FAQ Newspaper

Q. What is the importance of Newspaper?

A. In General, newspaper reading is a very good habit for overall development of ones personality and a good source to be aware about the world. So if you don’t absolutely hate, read it.

Q. What is the importance of newspaper in Civil Services Exam?

A. For Prelims, Newspaper has become an essential ingredient as UPSC usually targets current affairs in its exams, and magazines and coaching materials fail to cover every aspect and every issue around. Since this exam relies on being ‘surprising’ candidates at times, it is better to be prepared for almost anything.
For mains, it is the chief source of questions. You have to read it because mains is mostly about discussing issues, which require a good understanding of the topic. So read it.
In interview, candidates often face questions like, “have you heard about this this product or this this scheme”,which, a lot of times we haven’t heard. Here, Newspaper comes in handy.

Q. What newspaper should I read?

A. The Hindu, Live Mint or The Indian Express. Read them as you like it. Online reading is sometimes handy as you may read specific parts of different newspapers as per your preference. Like, IR is better covered by The Indian express, Hindu and Express both have good explained sections, Live Mint is great for covered issues in depth. Etc. If can’t decide, read just the Hindu.

Q. Can I skip newspaper?

A. Important thing is to cover issues. If you’re in a habit of reading articles online, follow good current affairs sources through magazines, coaching material, mobile apps etc., and remain updated with news, then you MAY skip…still at your own risk! Remember, there is no perfect strategy for clearing CSE; if you have faith in yourself, do it like you want it.

Q. Any specific use of reading newspaper?

A. It is a great source of revision. See, news often repeats in a perineal issue or a ongoing issue and this ultimately becomes a good way of revising the news. This indirectly helps a lot.

Q. What to read, what to skip in Newspaper?

A. This, you will understand by practise. But here are a few pointers: You may skip political news, editorial and news regarding sports, states-specific news, health and wellness page, Arts page.. etc.

Q. How much time should we devote for the newspaper?

A. Initially, you will almost take 2 hrs. to read it because we are not accustomed to the language and picking up relevant things from the newspaper. Take that time. Make a habit of reading it. Within a span of few months, you will be able to reduce it to almost 1 hr. or even less. This is good.

Q. The Big Question, how to make notes of the newspaper?

A. For Prelims, you may skip. You’re eventually going to cover current affairs from other sources too like magazines, coaching material etc. That will be enough for revision along with sincerely reading the newspaper.
For Mains, you may make brief issue-wise notes. Here, reading online helps as you can copy-paste directly into several apps. Google keep, Evernote, Outlook etc. are some such apps. Use any. Evernote is best.
Notes making is important, but if it is a fuss and you’re not able to do it sincerely and not revise it thoroughly, then no use of making it.

Q. I am still not sure about it. Should I read it or not?

A. Read it.



    one thing i don’t understand is how one can skip editorial ,because from editorial we get to know the topic in detail .sorry to say sir but i don’t understand how one can skip ,please guide me if i am wrong..

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