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Abhishek Kumar, Indian Information Service, 2015 Batch


When the urge to be the best is replaced by to be better than you, it means the only thing left is to study well and emerge victoriously.

– UPSC MEME & More

This aptly describes my story as well.
I don’t belong to the ones to whom it’s clear from the birth itself that “I want to be an IAS”. For me it came late i.e. after graduation; and I landed here in ORN, Delhi in 2012. I became the part of the crowd and tried to find solace in anonymity and toil midnight oil to emerge successfully.

The journey was a roller coaster ride as I had departed from the path in mid but fortunately came back to Preparations after a year i.e. in 2014.Then the struggle started with myself to be better than myself and defeat the over adventurous, spontaneous and fun-loving me and become a diligent, persistent and the hardworking one.

I used to study as maximum as possible during my  Mains Preparations and my only target was to revise and write as much as possible in a short amount of time as I was preparing along with the job. Finally, the good news came in 2015 when I showed up on the coveted list.

Out of all this monotonous, hectic and grueling schedule, what UPSC MEME offers you is intellectual humor and satire for the aspirants. Since most of the time, the aspirants work hard in a lone environment UPSC MEME provides creative humor by connecting Movie bytes, Satire, feelings, and those famous one-liners.

So it was a little cold breeze on those hot humid days of preparations. I do follow a lot of other blogs and literature stuff but of course, UPSC MEME had a stature of its own. I congratulate UPSC MEME & More for their new initiative and wish them luck.
And to all the lone hard workers out there. 

ज़िन्दगी की असली उड़ान अभी बाकी है 
हमारे इरादो का इम्तिहान अभी बाकी है 

अभी तो नापी है कुछ मुट्ठी भर ज़मीन 
सामने पूरा आस्मां अभी बाकी है 

Manisha Prakash, Indian Information Service, 2015 Batch

“I have been in a nearly 3 year long relationship with UPSC MEME who keeps giving some of the best life advice. It constantly reminds us to take everything associated with UPSC with a pinch of humour and sarcasm. After all why so serious ? 😉 UPSC is a part of life, not life itself. 

Thank you for providing respite to millions of aspirants and instilling sanity in those who opt for the insanity called -UPSC.”

Agam Jain, IPS 2016 Batch

I found this page when I was preparing for Mains and the environment around was very tense and serious. Some of the memes helped me laugh out aloud as I could instantly connect to them. This page kept the calmness and smile during tough times. I thanked the people working on it as I got selected. I also wrote a satire which this page shared during those days, after all happy is what this page make.

Lingraj Panda, IAS (2015 Batch), IRS-IT (2014 Batch)

UPSC MEME & More Facebook Page is my daily go-to for tongue in cheek humour and often great inspiration packaged in laughs. Humour has the great power to be a unified across age and distances, UPSC MEME provided this unique opportunity for me to know that I am not alone, many of us laugh at the same things. 

As much as a help during my final stages of Interview, it has also been consistent companion with me at LBSNAA and also district posting. 

I often find myself browsing the pages during a long drawn out meeting and sometimes during the classes at LBSNAA. Unique in content and strong in character, I wish the creators the best. It’s God’s own work to make people laugh, especially those poor souls trapped in the world of UPSC preparation.

Rahman Sheikh, IRTS, 2015 (Rank 583, CSE 2014)


UPSC MEME made me realise that I am not alone in this difficult part of my life. There are people like me who are facing the same or more serious issues and still going on. With humour as a motive, UPSC MEME has been able to reduce stress levels among all the aspirants.

The reach of this page is more than the likes on the page as most meme are copied and forwarded on Whatsapp too.

Though sometimes you people go full retard, never go full retard 😛

Keep rocking and no matter what, the show must go on.

Naman Upadhyaya, IFS, CSE 2015

Hi, As far as my preparation is concerned it was a long drawn process, since it was in my 5th attempt that I was able to clear the exam. I mainly focussed on 3 things,

 1.Consistency in reading the news papers (the hindu, selected news from express, IR from diplomat and IDSA) 

2. MULTIPLE revisions atleast 5 to 6 times. Every sunday all 7 days newspapers I used to revise.

 3. Answer writing practice. Everyday 3 to 4 answers and on Sunday 3 hrs full test. 

Also I followed Government sources like eco.survey, India year book yojana etc.instead of magazines.

In between when ever I felt too much of pressure I used to talk and discuss with my close group of friends , father and to make my mood lighter I use to watch UPSC Meme Page regularly. It was a sort of stress buster. It also sort of motivated me as I was relieved that there are people around me who too are in similar situation.😊 My small advice or suggestion will be that you should never give up, try hard have faith in yourself and be consistent, revise regularly else you won’t be able to recall in exam.instead of reading 10 books read 1 book 10 times. 😊 All the best for your interview and future endeavors.


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